Student Notes: Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) Introduction

These notes are taken from the first two weeks of Convolutional Neural Networks course (part of Deep Learning specialization) by Andrew Ng on Coursera. The course is actually four weeks long, but I didn't take the note for the last two weeks which discuss about object localization/detection, face recognition, and neural style transfer. ~ Why... Continue Reading →

Student Notes: Neural Networks and Deep Learning

These are the notes that I wrote while attending the first three courses from Deep Learning Specialization program at Coursera. I you have attended/are attending the Deep Learning Specialization program, this note would straight away look familiar to you. So here it goes. ~ Representation and Notations These are the conventions used throughout the course. L... Continue Reading →

Study Notes: Reinforcement Learning – An Introduction

These are the notes that I took while reading Sutton's "Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction 2nd Ed" book and it contains most of the introductory terminologies in reinforcement learning domain. Definitions and equations are taken mostly from the book. Equations are numbered using the same number as in the book too to make it easier to find.

Student Notes: Intro to Descriptive Statistics

This is the lecture notes from Intro to Descriptive Statistics course (lihat reviewnya di sini). Most of the material here was taken from the course and original lecture notes, which can be found here: Intro to statistical research methods (Lesson1.PDF) Visualizing Data (Lesson2.PDF) Central Tendency (Lesson3.PDF) Variability (Lesson4.pdf) Standardizing (Lesson5.pdf) Normal Distribution (Lesson6.pdf) Sampling Distributions (Lesson7.pdf) Please do... Continue Reading →

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